Understanding Your Skin Type

Check out the latest blog post from LimeLife By Alcone – this is a super simple, fun way to determine your “Skin Type” in just three easy steps!

Step 1

Using a mild cleanser, like Dream Clean by LimeLife, wash off any dirt or makeup. Pat your skin dry and STOP!

Don’t apply any serums, creams or moisturiser – nothing at all.

The GOAL is to see how your skin reacts when left to its own devices.

Step 2

Wait for about an HOUR ….

How is your skin feeling? How does it look?

Pay particular attention to your cheeks, nose and forehead.

Step 3


If your skin feels tight all over, its likely you have DRY SKIN.

If your nose and forehead show some shine, but your cheeks don’t, you likely have NORMAL OR COMBINATION SKIN.

If you’re shiny across your nose, forehead and cheeks, you probably have OILY SKIN.

Read on to discover more about the different skin types and the products which are perfectly suited to you!

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